Types of Cats

Gray Tabby

graytabby Despite a common misconception, the grey tabby cat is not a breed of cat, but a color and pattern of cat. In fact, the tabby pattern, which consists of stripes, lines, spots, or swirl patterns in the fur, is quite common in a number of different feline breeds. The size and overall appearance of your grey tabby cat, aside from his coat color and pattern, can vary quite a bit depending on the breed. Still, when specifically talking about a grey tabby cat, we can conclude that his coat will be grey in color.
Also, as we mentioned above, the tabby pattern can consist of stripes, swirls, spots, lines. Most distinctively, a tabby will usually have a pattern in the shape of an M on his forehead between his eyes.

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munchkin The Munchkin is a small to medium-sized cat, typically weighing anywhere between 4 and 9 pounds (males being slightly larger than females). Their coat can be short and plush or medium-long and silky, and all coat colours and patterns are allowed.
The most prominent character of Munchkin kitties are their unbelievably short and stumpy legs. Because of this, their bodies appear disproportionately elongated, hence their loving nickname of "Sausage Cats."
Their hind legs are often slightly longer than their front legs, giving them a discrete rise from the shoulder to the rump. Their legs can be slightly bowed, but excessive bowing and cow-hocking are not typically seen in Munchkins.

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Scottish Fold

scottishfold The Scottish Fold is a medium-sized cat with medium sized boning. She is a very round looking cat. The head is round and the folded ears heighten that illusion of roundness. The eyes are very round, bright and clear. The legs appear round, as does the tail in comparison to its length. The short coat is easy to care for. Some registries allow a longhaired version of the Scottish Fold called the Scottish Fold Longhair. Their longer coats can vary slightly in texture, and require regular care. The Scottish Fold is a sweet, charming breed. She is an easy cat to live with and to care for. She is affectionate and is comfortable with all members of her family. Her tail should be handled gently. Some of these cats are known to develop stiffness in the tail that can cause pain if it is mishandled or accidentally handled in a rough manner.

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